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Making games with Indie Creativity and Business Strategy.

Videogame on Screen

A brand new PC & Console Gaming Startup

Indie Games are the most creative, innovative and fun games on PC, Xbox and Playstation. Yet hundreds of indie game devs fail to make commercially successful games even though they spend 5 years on development.

"ebb & flow games" is a small studio providing passionate game developers a great framework for creating amazing game experiences. We use a completely iterative & agile game development process and test game ideas that seem both fun and fit our market & trend analysis.


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Core Values

New Games, New Work

Complete flexibility. You decide how many hours you work. Do home office whenever you want.


You get shit done. You are passionate about your work - so we give you room to shine.

People matter

Team happiness is more than just gifts for Christmas. We create a work environment where you are trusted & valued.

Focus on Results

No endless discussions or theories - we test ideas quickly and launch our features fast.


Open Positions

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Game Designer

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Tim Reiter

Founder & CEO

After studying Computer Science at the KIT he co-founded Kolibri Games, one of the most successful mobile games startups in Germany. Besides ebb & flow games, he is advising other tech startups and produces EDM music.

Daniel Bischoff

Founder & CTO

Daniel is following his passion of making games for about 4 years now. Working on many mobile games in the past, he gained expert experience in rapid prototyping, software design, shader and graphics progamming, and game design. With ebb & flow games, he is now following his dream of being an indie game dev to work on his own ideas.

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Our Games


Kingdom Builders

City Builder meets Action RPG

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